If you’re fighting for custody of your child with an irrational, vindictive, or abusive ex…

"Give Me Just Five Minutes And I’ll Show You 9 Critical Tactics No One (Including Your Lawyer) Tells You About Child Custody That You MUST Know Before You Go To Battle With Your Ex..."

Discover how to grab the best attorney in town, how to build a winning case, and how to save thousands of dollars before you step foot inside a courtroom!

You can avoid my $7,000.00 mistake with time-tested strategies guaranteed to strengthen your defense. If your ex is hell-bent on revenge, you need a winning line of attack. Read on to discover what you really need to know to win custody of your son or daughter.

Let’s face it…. Child custody battles are scary. They’re stressful and unpredictable.

Other people are making plans for your child. The lawyers have their ideas. The judges have their own. Your ex is making life impossible.

You may even feel like you’ve lost control of your child’s future.

You should be worried.

Did you know that abusive and vindictive partners are  more likely to seek sole custody? And they are successful 70% of the time?? 

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way just how insane a custody battle can get. I paid two attorneys $3,500.00 apiece before I finally found one who looked out for my best interest.

That’s $7,000.00 I could have used as a down payment on a new home or put in a college fund for my child.

It was money wasted, and I was furious!

If you’re taking the first step out of a volatile situation, or if you’ve already initiated child custody arrangements, let me show you how I left an abusive marriage and won custody of my son, despite my husband’s attempts to use the court system to hurt me.

Here’s a brutal fact of life: It’s never easy when a family breaks up. And divorce brings out the worst in people. . . .

Is Your Ex Playing Dirty?

No one said this was going to be easy, but the fight is exhausting. Your attorney cannot give you any guarantees. You want straight answers. Your ex is playing games and refuses to be reasonable.

tick Does your ex try to control you?
tick Is he or she using their additional financial resources against you?
tick Does he or she "play the system" to get back at you?
tick Does he or she "create" situations or make allegations to make you look bad?
tick Does he or she threaten you or your family?

Hi, my name is Joan Baker, and I know you deserve better.

I was once where you are right now . . . lonely, scared, and confused. Fleeing a volatile situation. And worst of all, dealing with an irrational husband who wasn’t going to divorce me without a fight. He promised war, and he stayed true to that promise.

When I left my marriage, I went head-to-head against my ex in a custody battle for our son.  And I won.

But... it wasn’t easy. I spent a lot of money and lost a lot of sleep before it was over. Unfortunately, the system that promised to protect my rights was the very system I had to take on to win my case.

You see, my attorneys really weren’t all that helpful.

Whenever I asked questions about how to win my case, I got general responses but no real answers.

I didn’t need "It-all-depends-upon-your-case" generalities. I needed a strategy. The future of my family depended on the outcome.

My child’s future was at stake, and I felt helpless. I was frustrated and scared.

If you’re at your wits’ end and looking for proven ways to win custody of your child, I’ve written a guide packed with real-world targeted techniques that help you keep your child where he or she belongs. . . with you.

These tactics really work.  They not only helped me, but they’re also helping parents all over the country. People just like you are saving thousands of dollars and keeping their children with them by using the secrets I’m about to reveal to you.

"I got practically everything I wanted!"

"I won! Just wanted to let you know I followed one of your out-of-the-box strategies and got practically everything I wanted without having to go to court. I was skeptical at first, but I’d run out of other options so I tried it and it worked. Thank you!"

- Ariel W.,
New Orleans, LA


"You saved me $3,500.00!"

"You saved me $3,500.00! I was getting ready to hire an attorney when I found your book. Turns out he was everything you warned about. After asking him the questions you gave, I knew to run, not walk, out of his office! I can’t tell you how much your book has helped me with this whole process. Thank you!"

- Courtney P.,
Rockville, MD


"My attorney says I’ve saved hundreds of dollars…"

"My attorney said I’m the best prepared client he's ever had. He says I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on preparation fees because I’ve laid out my case so well. Thanks!"

- Alicia S.,
Wilmington, Delaware

These women—and others like them — are learning how to win the most important fight of their lives. I can help you keep your children with you by avoiding some of the costly mistakes I made.

Don’t listen to just anyone. You need someone who is on your side.

When you’re in the middle of a child custody battle, you’re vulnerable. Whether you're a man or a woman, when you’re vulnerable, you make rash decisions.

Let’s talk about reality. . . .

What Will Life Be Like If You Don’t Win Your Case?

It’s may be painful, but imagine what will happen if your ex gets custody of your children:

tick Every other weekend visitations
tick Saying Goodnight Over the Telephone
tick Tearful Goodbyes
tick Scheduled Parenting
tick Missed Moments With Your Child That You Can Never Get Back

With the right strategy, you won’t have to worry about being a weekend parent.  You won’t have to worry about your child’s well-being.  Most of all, you won’t have to worry about giving up your parental rights.  Keep reading…. I’m about to show you how to get the critical edge in your custody battle.

1. You’ll need a good attorney.  That’s crucial.
2. You need to know how to get the most out of your legal counsel.

Finally, you’ll need to learn how to use your ex’s bad behavior to your advantage. That’s right! His or her bad behavior will play an important role in your case.

Divorce Makes People Ugly…

Other guidebooks assume that both parties are rational during divorce. Their tips and strategies are designed to help you during the best case scenario. However, I’m a realist. You and I know that divorce can get brutal. And when you add child custody to the mix, it gets even more complicated. That’s why I focus exclusively on vengeful exes.

When the best interest of your child is cast aside by your ex and replaced with a vengeful spirit, you’ve got to respond strategically—not react emotionally.

Right now, you may feel like the system is working against you.  Maybe your ex has taken a sudden interest in your child that wasn’t there before. But since he or she’s showing the court that they can be a "good parent", their past behavior may hold no weight when the court rules on custody issues. And that can be frustrating.

The ex may even break the court’s orders. But it can often be hard to prove. That’s why you need a plan.

What do you do?

You need answers right now, and that’s where I come in. 

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Because I’ve been there.

When I left my marriage, my ex continued to find ways to emotionally abuse me.

I needed help, but my lawyers couldn’t tell me how to make him stop the harassment. Instead, they were more interested in talking about psychological evaluations and the part they played in winning custody. It sounded great, but much of their advice was useless because we never made it to court.

The truth is. . . 96% of child custody cases never see the inside of a courtroom. In fact, most cases are settled before they reach that point. Although 4% of cases initiate litigation, only 1.5% complete it (divorcePeers.com).

My custody fight wasn’t easy. My ex knew how to hurt me. And he knew how to manipulate the system, but I couldn’t prove it.

That’s when I took control.

I had already lost $7,000.00, and I was too angry to hand over another dollar until I got some straight answers. Worst of all, I had to fight the “perfect father” illusion he created for the sake of the court.

I learned something very important from my experience. You must have your act together ahead of time. Prepare for a fight in court but expect mediation.

Here’s why I needed a strategy. . . . What seemed like a clear-cut case of neglect and abuse to me was not so clear-cut in the court system. My soon-to-be ex-husband used the legal system to manipulate me, to threaten me, and to use our son as a pawn in his need to control me.

During the marriage he refused to help take care of our son. But only after I left him, did he begin to "care" about being a parent. Suddenly he wanted to do "the right thing".

Outside the courtroom, it was a different story.

He didn’t look out for the best interest of our child. He promised war. And he stayed true to that promise.

Still, the court wanted to protect his rights.

It Was Making Me Crazy

I knew it was up to me to win my case, so I researched and learned what it REALLY takes to win a child custody case. I talked to attorneys. I talked to mediators. It worked. I won.

And I knew there were other parents who needed this information. So I wrote a guidebook called Winning Child Custody Strategies for Those Facing Irrational, Vindictive, or Abusive Exes. It’s designed to help emotionally abused spouses go through the court process with strategies that really work!

Once word got out about my guide, everyone wanted to read it. Some used my guide as a good offense. Others used it as a strategic defense. Protective fathers found it as useful as mothers.

Then something unexpected happened.

I heard from people who said my information helped them, even though they had never been in an abusive relationship….

"Despite the fact that I was not in an abusive relationship, your advice for finding the right lawyer for my custody battle proved invaluable. I’ve never had to face the daunting task of hiring a lawyer for anything before. Just when I was feeling the most frustration and confusion, I came across your e-book and decided to give it a shot. It really helped me ask the right questions and find an attorney I was comfortable with. I hope other people who feel as bewildered as I did find your e-book so they, too, can prevent wasting their time and money on the wrong lawyer."

- Marjorie S.
New York, NY

"This is an excellent resource for anyone going through a child custody case of any type. I practiced family law and wished my clients would have had a resource like this one to use as a reminder and guide. If you follow Joan’s advice, you will have a head start on what your attorney needs to represent you and help you win your case."

- Leigh Paddon,
Houston, TX

Take Back Your Control!

The truth is, you can’t always rely on your attorney to tell you everything you need to know. Stop wasting your time asking questions that go unanswered. I’ll fill in the missing gaps and show you how to build a rock-solid defense.

Finally, here’s a guide that gives you clear direction about how to keep custody of your child.

Strategies You Must Know To Win Child Custody

tick How to spot the warning signs of a bad attorney (A bad attorney can cost you a lot of time, money, and even cause you to lose custody of your child!)  --page 33
tick The reality of the process of child custody issues – what it really looks like and why your choice of attorney is so important! --page 21
tick How to find the best attorney in town (and keep your ex from getting ANY of the other good ones). --page 25
tick How to build a winning case. This is SO CRUCIAL and none of the attorneys I spoke to mentioned it until I brought it up!  --page 34  
tick How to deal with an angry ex.  You don’t have to come from an abusive situation to need this. Divorce makes people mean!  Here you’ll find the best responses to defuse the situation and maintain control. -- page 46
tick What no one tells you about temporary custody that you MUST know to win your case. --page 37
tick The ONE thing all parenting plans should have that almost none do. --page 39
tick Other VITAL points that people tend to overlook in drafting a parenting agreement. --page 41
tick Some "out of the box" ways to win. It’s not always about who has the best case. (This is probably the part that I get the most mail about. People love these ideas!) --page 51

I’ll show you how to…

Take A Step Toward A Positive Future!

This guide will show you step-by-step how to make the system work for you.

This isn’t a short report with general information. Winning Child Custody Strategies For Those Facing Irrational, Vindictive, or Abusive Exes is packed with nearly 50 pages of targeted advice and valuable resources!

And it doesn’t stop there. Act now, and I’ll give you these four exclusive bonuses, worth an additional $98.00!

Bonus # 1
($17.00 Value)

Child Custody Statutes
State by State Child Custody Statutes: Knowledge is power! Don't rely on your attorney to tell you about the laws and don't spend hours trying to find it yourself. This  valuable guide gives you a link straight to the most recent child custody statutes in all 50 states. This is vital information that you MUST know in order to build a strong, winning case. 

Bonus # 2
($27.00 Value)

Sole Custody Rights Revealed:  What is Sole custody? Can I get it? What do judges look for when awarding sole custody? This special report answers all these burning questions and more. If you've even had a passing thought about getting sole custody, you need to get the facts in this revealing report.

Bonus # 3
($27.00 Value)

The Truth About Kids and Anger
Children and Anger : Divorce is frightening for children, and that fear often emerges as anger. This guide details six different stages in a child’s development and the typical triggers of anger. Learn how to help your child cope with your divorce with these proven anger management techniques. Children and Anger focuses specifically on anger resulting from divorce, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, and will help your family heal sooner.

Bonus # 4
($27.00 Value)

Single Parenting Ebook Single Parenting - Definitive Guide to Single Parenting: Divorce is frightening for children, and that fear often emerges as anger. This guide details six different stages in a child’s development and the typical triggers of anger. Learn how to help your child cope with your divorce with these proven anger management techniques. Children and Anger focuses specifically on anger resulting from divorce, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, and will help your family heal sooner.

I could easily charge $199.95 for all these products combined. In fact, many people have told me they’d paid twice that amount for the strategies revealed in my guide. (After all, what is keeping your child worth to you?)

Here’s The Good News. . .

I’m only going to charge you a fraction of what it cost me to learn these strategies.  I’m going to take all of my experiences, what I learned from them, and deliver them to your inbox for only $67  $27!  And, you’ll get four fantastic bonuses that will help you transition into your new role as a single parent.

Let’s face it. . . . $67 $27 is an absolute bargain compared to what you’d pay an attorney for a single phone consultation!  And, there’s no waiting.  No phone tag.  No secretary to deal with.  With just the click of a mouse, you can have instant access to targeted strategies to win your case.

Keep in mind that this advice is not meant to substitute good, legal counsel.  It’s intended to supplement it. But, it will definitely put you ahead of the game.  You don’t want to put your child’s future in someone else’s hands.  That’s why Winning Child Custody Strategies For Those Facing Irrational, Vindictive, or Abusive Exes is a must-have for any parent who is willing to fight for their child’s future.



I stand behind my product 100%. That’s why I’ll give you a full 60 days to try it out. If, after discovering the secret strategies, you don't feel like you've been empowered with 100% confidence to win your kids, then just send an email within two months and I'll refund you 100% on the spot. No questions asked, no hard feelings, and we'll even part friends.


But I can’t imagine why you’d want a refund.  This information is so valuable that you’ll want to pass it on to your family and friends who are going through a child custody case with an irrational ex.

Yes, Joan, I Want To Know The Winning Strategies!


            I’m ready to take control of my child custody case right now!   I understand that…

  • Once my payment is successfully processed, I’ll get instant access  to Winning Child Custody Strategies for Those Facing Irrational, Vindictive, or Abusive Exes and all four bonuses (a $199.95 value). The products are all digital guides and can be instantly downloaded onto my computer.     
  • This guide is not—in any way—intended to be a substitute for professional legal counsel.  These strategies are intended for use in conjunction with my attorney’s advice.
  • My purchase is backed with a 100%, 60-day, no questions asked guarantee!  If I don’t feel that these secrets will make a positive impact on my family’s future, I can ask for a full refund within two months of my purchase, and the bonuses are mine to keep.
  • I also understand that this will be COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL AND SECURE. Pay securely with your credit card or Paypal account. You will see a charge from eBook Customer Support on your receipt.


If you have any questions about Winning Child Custody Strategies for Those Facing Irrational, Vindictive, or Abusive Exes or the four bonuses, feel free to contact me at support@winningchildcustodystrategies.com and I’ll be happy to answer them.

To Your Family’s Happiness,


Joan Baker

P.S.  Don’t spend another moment gambling on your child’s future. Get the competitive edge in your child custody case now.  This guide is the smartest buying decision you’ll make before you go to court, and it will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. 

P.P.S. I stand behind my product 100%. Don’t forget, if you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get a no-questions-asked refund…and the bonuses are yours to keep!  That’s right, you’ll have two months to try my product risk-free!

P.P.P.S.  I’d love to hear your success story.  Once you’ve implemented my strategies, write to me and let me know how Winning Child Custody Strategies For Those Facing Irrational, Vindictive, or Abusive Exes helped you win custody of your child.  Just the other day, five more parents wrote to me and thanked me for writing this guide.  They won custody of their children, even though their exes fought dirty.  Will you be the next success story? Click here now to find out.


"Thank you!"

"After taking my daughter and escaping my husband, I felt like I would never survive. Your personal story sounded just like my own. The cheating, the put-downs, the manipulations, always giving more chances thinking they will change, all of it could have been my life exactly. Thank you for sharing the personal details of your journey. I can't tell you how helpful it is to know I'm not crazy, and I'm not the only woman going through this. Your encouraging words were so comforting at a time I felt so alone."

- Anita S.
Chicago, IL


"I found the perfect attorney!"

"Wow! Your e-book has helped me more than anything else in finding the right attorney and asking the right questions during my custody battle with my ex, especially the sections dealing with parental agreements and what to do during continued visitations. It is hard to stay sane when dealing with lawyers who don't seem to care as much as you do, but you helped me realize that I had to hold out for the right attorney. Your suggestions are really helping me build a stronger case. Thank you!"

- Janet C.,
Rocky Mount, NC


"My sister is finally safe!"

"I got your book for my sister who had just left her abusive husband. She was feeling so low and scared. Her husband was threatening her and saying he was going to get custody of their kids. After reading your book, I could see a change in her attitude. She was more confident and she found a great attorney. She also stopped him [her husband] from getting a good attorney by doing what you said in the book. She’s not even worried about the case now."

- Suzanne M.
Richmond, VA


"I no longer feel alone in my pain."

"Thank you for your personal and heartfelt approach to something that feels shameful and taboo to talk about. After reading your story I was inspired."

- Mary B.,
Atlanta, GA


"I was confident in the courtroom."

"When I bought the book I was worried that the strategies would only apply to mothers seeking custody- I was pleasantly surprised to see that they work equally well for fathers in court too!"

- Robert B.,
Austin, Tx


"What a life saver!"

"Finally, someone has written a detailed guide about what to do when fighting a crazy husband for custody. Navigating through the paperwork, the courts, the mediations, etc., can be a nightmare. After getting your e-book and printing out a copy, I feel like I have a lifeline to help me through."

- Melissa B.,
New York, NY


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